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  Cheetah Body Art  $ 22

Set of 3 large, 6 medium, and 4 small spots.

Shown with Cheetah eyes, sold below.

  Tatas breast decorations are waterproof, very sticky, self adhesive, can be worn for days, and come in a variety of styles and colors.  Click to see our full selection.



Self adhesive strips covered with luscious color and sparkles 

  • Get an airbrush look in a fraction of the time

  • Real crystals on most designs...bright sparkles!

  • Worn by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton

  • Very sticky backing that won't fall off

  • New breakthrough in peel and stick backing for skin

  • Can be removed and re-used many times

  • Comfortable to can sleep in them

  • Can be worn for days without removal

  • Put them on at the start of a music festival and leave them on until it is over

  • Fabulous at Burning Man!

  • Stays on in the heat, and while dancing

  • Can be worn in the water, makes a great swimsuit top

  • Can be used for Vajazzling 

  • Much stickier than packaged self adhesive crystals 

  • Latex Free


Eye Body Art

Self Adhesive Eye Strips

    Click to see our full selection


Demonic Wings  $ 32   Blaze Body Art   $ 34  


Xotic Eyes Blaze eyewear for Burning Man    
Blaze Eyes  $ 21   Blaze Tatas  $ 24  


Blaze Choker  $ 10   Blaze Tini Tatas  $ 16  


Silverwings Cuffs   $ 28   Silverwings Choker  $ 24  


Self adhesive Corset Laces   $ 24

Wings and eyes sold separately

  Silverwing Wings  $30

Eyes and Corset laces sold separately



Super sticky thin strips of crystals in many colors     $10   Gaga Pop Star Eye Art  $ 12  


Gaga Pop Star WIngs   $ 24   Gaga Pop Star Body Art   $ 40  


Icicle Stars Body Art   $ 40   Icicle Tatas   $ 24  


Icicle Body Art  $ 40   Angelic Wings can be used as Tatas   $ 24  


Snowflake half mask   $ 11   Snowflake Body Art   $ 19.50  


Flamingo Wings   $ 31   Flamingo Tatas   $ 19  


Flamingo Cuff   $ 28   Flamingo Tail   $ 20  


Googly Eyes Monster Tatas    $ 18

The eyes move! 

  Peacock Sleeve   $ 24  


Peacock Tatas  $ 24   Peacock Tiny Tatas  $ 16  


Peacock Eyes  $ 19   Peacock Intimate  $ 16  


Peacock Choker   $ 10   Pair of Peacock Cuffs   $ 18  


Peacock Body Art feather mix   $ 34   Peacock Body Art Tail mix  $ 34  


Burlesque Choker   $ 29

Breast decorations not included

  Burlesque Cuffs   $ 28  


Burlesque red feather Eye Fan   $ 13

Shown with "Swirls"

  "Swirls" Catwings Eyes   $ 10  


Bumble Bee Choker   $ 12   Bumble Bee Wings  $ 24  


Bumble Bee Crystal Strips (Spines)  $10   Bumble Bee Stripes   $ 24  


Bumble Bee Tini Tatas  

$ 16

  Bumble Bee Eyes   $ 21

More Eyes below



Purrrr Body Art      Shown with Purrrr Eyes, see eyes link below

$ 28

  Daisy Body Art  $24

shown with Bumble Bee accents



Purrr body art (right)

looks great under a Black Light

$ 28

  Blood Lust Cuff    $ 18




Bleeding Rose Body art  $ 34   Apple Tatas   $ 18  


Penguin Tatas  $ 24

Bow tie collar sold below

  Ornament Tatas   $24 

Shown with optional bows sold below



Bows Tatas  $ 24   Holly  Tatas    $ 24  


Bow Tie Collar  $ 18      
How to apply  

Peel off a little of the backing.  Hold the sticker with the backing covering the adhesive.  Avoid touching the sticky surface. 

  STEP 2

Expose a little of the sticky back side at a time.  Apply the middle or one edge to your skin before removing all of the backing.  Very sticky!  Don't let the sticky side fold back on itself.





Many styles available   Click for full selection of Eye Strips

We also have Sparkling Eye self adhesive strips in many other colors. 

Create a dramatic, crystal embellished eye very quickly. 

Click here to see the full selection of eye decorations.



Also see these pages to decorate:


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