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Red EL Wire Rose Pin

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  Sonya at a Burning Man style party in LA
Red Rose, also available in Pink, White and Yellow This girl is ready for Burning Man with her Pink Rose hair clip and some fiber optic hair Glowbys.
$ 25    


Hand made by artists in the US.  Each one is unique.  
Made with EL wire and Silk flowers.
Roses are about 3 inches across. 
Each Rose is connected to it's battery pack by a black wire about 7 inches long.
Each Rose has a locking pin on the back to attach it to your hair or clothing.  
The battery pack has a pin on it to attach it to you clothes, too.  
Includes battery pack that uses one AAA battery.  Battery is not included.  
Battery pack measures about 2 by 1 by a half an inch. 
Roses weigh about 2 ounces including the battery.

What is EL Wire?


It is wire that glows.


It is a length of colored wire with a small, black, plastic battery box, called an inverter, on one end.  There is a connector on the end of the EL wire section, that plugs into a matching connector on the inverter.  The inverter is just a small, black, plastic box that holds the battery, and turns the wire on and off.  The inverter has a switch that turns the wire on steady, or if switched in the other direction, makes the wire blink.  The inverter battery lasts a long time before you have to change the battery.  The 3 foot set lasts about 11 hours on one battery, and the 5 foot unit lasts about 10 hours.   The 20 foot unit has a plug for an external power supply, which can be a battery pack or an AC adapter. 


The wire is flexible, is covered with plastic, and is 2.2 mm in diameter. You can wrap it around things, stick it in your mouth, and even tie it in loose knots.  If you kink it very sharply, it will eventually short out, and you may have to cut off the shorted out part.  You can bend it, but if you bend it sharply in the same place over and over, it will eventually go bad in that place.  The glow from EL wire is not bright enough to be seen in bright sunlight, so it is best for nighttime situations.  Looks great in nightclubs, raves, Burning Man, proms, and cocktail parties.  It is tons of fun!





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